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GLASS RUMOURS are amongst the first of a new wave of artists operating inside a self-constructed, bubble of technology.

The duo from London have created their own virtual experience using popular gaming platform Roblox. They’ve poured their imagination into a part real, part fantasy landscape featuring recreations of their houses, music studios and rehearsal rooms. It’s a place for fans to meet, hang out with the band and immerse themselves in a novel 3D musical adventure.

Paul is a digital expert and has worked for some of the biggest artists in the world and Gemma’s a professional singer who’s toured the world. As the music industry slides increasingly into the metaverse, they make a formidable duo in a new era for music and entertainment.




In recent years, Fortnite, Roblox, Decentraland and other virtual platforms have collaborated with some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, but independent artists are hot on their heels…


Emerging from London, Glass Rumours are releasing their debut single “Hot Cola” in March and have planned to launch their band entirely in the metaverse.

Band member Paul Mead, a live music veteran with hundreds of gigs under his belt explains the shift away from traditional gigging:

“Rather than be in Luton on a rainy Tuesday night trying to navigate a crumbling multi-storey car park to see their favourite band, fans want to be on a beach, where there’s a 100 foot high waterfall and a rooftop café overlooking the gig of their dreams …Next to a water slide, fifty foot speakers and a giant rubber duck!”

Paul Mead - Glass RumoursPaul Mead, Glass Rumours
Gemma - Glass Rumours
Paul - Glass Rumours


This is exactly the kind of virtual world Glass Rumours have created in popular gaming platform Roblox. It’s an intentionally incoherent menagerie of everything they love – a scrapbook of their favourite things and a real insight into their personalities.

“Fans still crave live music experiences, but how they are viewed has changed – technology and music have now merged into a single entity, making this one of the most exciting periods for emerging artists, limited only by our imagination.”

Gemma Parr-Smith, Glass Rumours

Debut single “Hot Cola” echoes this sentiment of escapism, with lyrics describing blissful party beaches in the summer sun.

“Hot Cola is on the face of it a simple summer anthem, but it’s also a beckon into the virtual world where you can have anything you want, however you want it –  even if it’s utterly tasteless or ridiculous.”

Paul Mead - Glass RumoursPaul Mead, Glass Rumours


“At the moment big artists are just flirting with the Metaverse. Game devs work down a shopping list of thier whims, but we wanted to be more authentic so we built our entire virtual world ourselves, a brick at a time. I’ve got a house, Gemma’s got a house, our producer Tim has got his studio, there’s mad stuff inside them all and the whole thing is an insane rollercoaster ride into our imagination.”

Paul Mead - Glass RumoursPaul Mead, Glass Rumours

From an artist’s point of view, the creative freedom from building this space that represents the band is more satisfying than sitting in the back of a van for six weeks travelling between gigs. “Come and take a walk around inside our heads, you can’t get more authentic than that!”.

“‘Who in the world am I?’
Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”

Alice In Wonderland

Gemma - Glass Rumours

“By the late twenties, most bands will only exist in the digital world”

Paul – Glass Rumours

“Music artists of today belong to the cult of personality. Music artists of tomorrow seek immersive experiences”

Gemma – Glass Rumours

“In this new era, a good Roblox dev is likely a greater asset to a band than a solid guitarist”

Paul – Glass Rumours



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Debut Single “Hot Cola” is scheduled for release in March.